Cradle to Grave Support

From evaluating new technologies to sustaining existing systems, ReMilNet has been providing cradle to grave cybersecurity support for more than 15 years.   

Risk Management Framework

ReMilNet's staff of Cybersecurity experts remain up to date with the newest policies and procedures, and currently use the Risk Management Framework for all cybersecurity taskings. 

Hardware and Software Support

Our expertise supports a range of technologies from workstations to enterprise level cybersecurity activities.  This includes assessing, hardening, and mitigating risk across multiple hardware and software platforms.

Cybersecurity Plan Development

ReMilNet develops Cybersecurity documentation and artifacts in compliance with federal and programmatic policies and directives. Our staffs development and management of documentation include: Plans of Action and Milestones, System Security Plans, Security Technical Implementation Guides, Security Test and Evaluations, Incident Response Plans.  Our team also contributes to Engineering Change Proposals and Configuration Management Plans prior to system implementations.  

Vulnerability and Verification Testing

During Cybersecurity activities, ReMilNet assists with the identification, prediction, and evaluation of vulnerabilities across a systems life cycle.  Based on this information, recommendations are made, implemented, and verified through testing to ensure risk is mitigated within acceptable levels.  

Assist with ATO Obtainment

Working with government counterparts, ReMilNet's staff prepare and complete necessary system documentation to obtain both Interim Approval to Test and Approval to Operate.

Expertise in Action

ReMilNet's standardized templates and automated tools have been instrumental in improving the accuracy of Accreditation Packages by 50% and lowered programmatic costs by 5%.