C5ISR Support


Global Solutions for Today's Warfigher

In today's environment, our military must have a range of capabilities in the field, and at home.  ReMilNet's extensive C5ISR support contributes to the implementation, training, and sustainment of new technologies across the globe. 

System Design & Integration

From new technologies to integration of components in existing platforms, ReMilNet drives the design, installation, and integration of new equipment to support customers missions. 

System Training

ReMilNet's system experts and trainers provide instruction to students in structured training environments and in the field.   This formal instruction enables end users to successfully operate and maintain systems in a variety of locations and conditions. 

System Sustainment

Once systems are deployed, they need to be expertly managed and sustained while vulnerabilities are continuously mitigated.  Our staff of help desk, technical,  logisticians, and cybersecurity professionals are 'at the ready' to sustain global operations at a moments notice. 

System Analysis

ReMilNet's analysts constantly evaluate performance of systems, cycles, and data to identify trends, isolate issues or potential causes for concern, and develop recommendations for improved performance and effectiveness.  

Program Support

ReMilNet's C5ISR professionals include technicians, trainers, analysts, integrators, engineers, cybersecurity analysts, and program managers.  This expertise delivers support across all lifecycle sustainment and management activities. 

C5ISR Solutions for Today's Warfigher

ReMilNet's recommended solution for a Capital Equipment Replacement Program (CERP) reduced fielded spares by 20% and improved spare visibility across multiple site locations.

ReMilNet’s work order analysis determined that a significant cost for repairs was caused by insufficient technician training and not equipment.  Once training plans were updated, system downtime and repair/return costs were significantly reduced.