Acquisition Management


Acquisition Life Cycle Management

From evaluating new systems, to design and testing, through deployment and sustainment of systems, ReMilNet's staff of managers, engineers, configuration managers, trainers, logistians, and technicians ensure each phase of support is managed to customer and agency expectations.   ReMilNet's expertise spans enterprise wide Acquisition Category I programs through localized customer developed solutions. 

Program Management

Understanding the programmatic  and technical elements of Acquisition Management, ReMilNet evaluates requirements based on cost, schedule, performance, current system implications, and risk elements to recommend solutions that best meet customer demands and expectations. 

Technical Management

From the technical side of Acquisition Management, ReMilNet's experts design, configure, test, and evaluate new and upgraded systems across multiple technical aspects to improve system outputs and results for programmatic needs. 

Continuous Evaluation

Once a system has been deployed, our team continuously evaluates results; makes recommendations; and configures and tests solutions based on feedback from users, system trouble tickets, and cyber security perspectives.  ReMilNet applies best practices from ISO 9001, CMMI, and Lean Six Sigma  across all aspects of system analysis and evaluation to maximize results. 

Sustainment Support

ReMilNet supports sustainment efforts, that include repair and management of existing equipment, assisting with implementing new technologies into existing platforms, and providing recommendations for training and field support across the globe.   ReMilNet's help desk, technicians, logisticians, analysts, and program and technical managers support cradle to grave activities system sustainment. 

Program Support

ReMilNet's staff brings a range of acquisition management expertise to support programmatic objectives in accordance with federal and agency instructions and directives. Our skill sets are diverse, and include backgrounds in business and financial management, systems engineering, design and development engineering, procurement, logistics, supply chain management, test and evaluation, integrated logistics support, schedule management, analysis, cybersecurity, risk management, and technology research and development. 


ReMilNet is an Oracle Partner

As a Partner with Oracle, ReMilNet is able to access a variety of networks, technology applications, forums, and Oracle University to support customer requirements utilizing this platform.  

Expertise in Action

ReMilNet's technical and programmatic experts supporting an ACAT I Program deliver capabilities to meet critical program milestones across multiple functional areas.